Intalex helped a Renewable Energy Consultancy

The Challenge

Our client, a London based Renewable Energy Consultancy of 15 staff, wanted to become more agile to support work in the field, at home as well as in the office.

Conscious that increased mobility presented a huge opportunity to drive efficiency, but on the flip side, new security challenges the consultancy sought advice to ensure protection for the team wherever that choose to work.

Finally, our client wanted to reduce costs with the new solution.

Why Intalex?

Intalex, an award-winning Microsoft and compliance consulting firm, performed an in-depth review of the desktop and laptop environment and the use case for the client. 

After clearly articulating the recommendations and costs to the consultancy Intalex were selected to implement the agile working solution.

The solution

Intalex's experienced technical engineers implemented Microsoft 365 Business Premium to take advantage of the Microsoft Intune and Autopilot features to manage mobile devices. The project involved moving all the file data into the cloud with Onedrive, so it was accessible without having to utilise a VPN to the server in the office.

Intalex configured a standard workstation build, taking advantage of Microsoft security templates which configure computers with best-practice security configuration to protect from ransomware attacks.

Company applications were uploaded into the cloud so they could be deployed directly to any device anywhere in the world to standardise the deployment further.

To protect the data, Intalex installed a backup and disaster recovery solution, which protected data within Office 365. Finally, Microsoft Bitlocker automatically encrypts all hard drives in the workstations to protect any confidential client information stored locally.

The outcome

The COVID lockdown happened, and our client took home their laptops safe in the knowledge they could access all of their data securely without any additional configuration or the need for cumbersome VPN's.

What the client says:

"The recommendation by Intalex to implement Microsoft 365 Business Premium has been a huge benefit to our business. Our move to agile working during the COVID crisis was seamless and efficient. The cherry on the cake is removing the costs for new PC setups as Intalex can now rebuild them remotely without coming to the office, saving us time and money."


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