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Cloud Collaboration Services

Here’s a quick overview of how we can help

Audio & Video Conferencing

Mariana’s in Cape Town, John’s in Melbourne, Naveen’s in San Francisco, Claire’s in Hong Kong and you are in rainy London, trying to put your weather-envy aside because something important’s come up & you all need to speak right now. We can’t make the sun shine for you (yet) but we can make sure you’ve got an AV conferencing solution that’s fast, reliable & so user-friendly that you might forget about the rain for a while.

Cloud PBX

As we’ve said elsewhere, flexibility, scalability & cost-control are essential facets of any successful modern business. Our cloud PBX phone systems give you all the features you’d expect (and many more, including granular reporting & abuse controls) without the fiddly management & cost of an on-premise solution that constantly needs tweaking and updating.

Enterprise File Services

EFS delivers secure yet incredibly simple real-time collaboration across multiple offices & teams and is ideal for highly-mobile staff that need  to access files from anywhere using any device. If you have a geo-diverse workforce (or even just one or two directors who are based overseas) and you’re looking for a productivity boost, EFS should be your first port of call.

Office 365 by Microsoft

You know what Office 365 is, but perhaps you didn’t know that we can take the complexity out of deploying and managing it, providing light-touch, always-on,  anywhere access to the MS Office suite that they have used for years with none of the traditional costs of an on-premise solution.

G-Suite by Google Cloud

In recent years Google’s G Suite has emerged as a serious competitor to the previously dominant MS Office, and with good reason. It’s robust, intuitive and extremely secure. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with  our secure cloud platform, providing frequent backups and efficient replication of your entire IT infrastructure to our secure cloud platform automatically.

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