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Managed Data Protection

Here’s a quick overview of how we can help

Business Continuity

Of course you hope it never happens, but, as you know, hope is not much of a strategy. Fortunately, our super-quick, high-availability cloud infrastructure means we can restore access to your business-critical apps, services & data within agreed timeframes that are defined by you – maintaining your operational productivity and, equally importantly, your customers’ confidence & loyalty.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ten years ago, lots of organisations thought investing in systems that enabled them to get back in the saddle after a major incident were only for the big boys. Those days are long-gone and very few people still need persuading about our backup & DR solutions because they are so easily-deployed, rapidly-activated & super-secure that even our competitors have probably thought about using them.

Ransomware Protection

Let’s not sugar-coat it – a sophisticated ransomware attack can not only cripple your business but can also turn your hard-won customer’s confidence to rubble in a matter of days. If you are hit with ransomware you have two options; pay the ransom or wind the clock back to before you were attacked. Simple signature-based protections won’t cut it any more, and terms such as ‘polymorphic threats’ will soon be absorbed into the business lexicon as standard. We are already delivering truly comprehensive security for dozens of clients, using our solution that combines proactive patch management and signature and behaviour-based approaches to malware identification. However, the only real option available to recover systems and data is rapid backup and disaster recovery tools.

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Data Protection Architecture


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