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Your IT systems can only be as good as their hosting network. Allowing us to design, deploy and manage your network means that we can work proactively; fixing faults and ensuring that your network is always running as smoothly as possible.

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Managed Infrastructure Service

Here’s a quick overview of how we can help

Managed Connectivity

Internet communications technology continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, and private managed connectivity is now one of the fastest-growing IT services in the country.  With an ever-increasing reliance on cloud-delivered applications, data and even infrastructure, it simply makes sense to bypass the public internet and ensure predictable, high performance & multi-level security for you & your team wherever & whenever they need it.

Managed LAN & WIFI

Policing inappropriate wifi usage by staff is a big enough headache, so if you also provide wifi to customers, guests or the public then you’re probably already aware of what a minefield it can be. We can manage every aspect of your local network resources & wifi including configuration, safe segmentation, monitoring, access protocols, change-management, performance optimisation and (here comes our our favourite word again) security. As with all of our managed services, we also include problem-solving, and regular service reviews & reports.

Cloud Connect

The cloud is a pretty big place, and you’d need a lot of fingers & toes to count all the companies who want to show you around. Our Cloud Connect solution is an Exchange-based gateway that essentially gives you a temporary suit of armour to wear at the point of connection, keeping the bandits at bay & giving you the security to choose whichever cloud service provider you’d prefer with absolute confidence.

Managed Firewalls

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty keen on security here, so it would be a bit odd if we didn’t offer a managed service that ensures the key gatekeeper devices on your network are always on, always optimised, always monitored and always protecting you. So we do. No capex, no stress & no uninvited guests on your network.

Virtual Data Centre

The business winners in the 21st Century are lean, agile & smart – just like our VDC services. Our managed, future-proof & instantly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform delivers a stable, private & highly secure business backbone that keeps your capex low whilst giving you the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast (operationally speaking).

Data Lifecycle Management

The further we go into the digital age, the more data we all have and the more we have to pay to store it all. Some of it is business-critical, some of it is fairly useful & some of it we should have got rid of years ago. You haven’t got the time or tools to manage this effectively but we have – logically, cost-effectively & tailored to your specific priorities and regulatory compliance obligations.

Managed Infrastructure Architecture


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