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We’re experts at creating IT services that run so smoothly they seem almost invisible. If problems do arise, we’re there with on-site and remote support to get things working quickly again.  As a London-based company, we offer local support that’s world-class. Our technically adept employees are available around the clock to manage your technology services and keep your operation running smoothly. We can help you in four ways:

IT Service Management

Technology solutions are complex with many moving parts. Effective IT service delivery is a whole discipline requiring specialist skills. It’s difficult to manage the entire technology service lifecycle from design and deployment through to maintenance and final retirement. Companies often don’t have the staff they need to guarantee service quality, including managing service uptime and monitoring application performance. It becomes more challenging as your portfolio expands and you find yourself needing to deal with more third party service providers.

Intalex is your one-stop IT service management partner in London. We’ll work with you to align your IT processes and deal with change management issues. Rely on us for uncompromising quality assurance, all managed with strict compliance controls.

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Network Administration

Your business technology depends on your network. It’s the heart of your IT system, so it’s important to keep it running properly. We excel at building world-class IT networks spanning your entire organisation and running them at peak efficiency.

The technicians in our network operations centre will monitor your network devices and ensure that they stay operational. We guarantee 99.999% uptime by monitoring your network every second to find emerging issues. We resolve them before you ever see them.

Our network administrators are adept at learning about your existing infrastructure and tailoring management processes to suit you. They’ll take care of mundane tasks including device patches and equipment configurations, leaving you with a fast, secure network that will support your technology outcomes.


24/7 IT Helpdesk

Your business works at a fast pace. When technology problems arise, they can disrupt your operation quickly. That’s why a local responsive IT helpdesk operation is so important. Our technicians are trained to investigate complex technology problems and focused on getting your staff productive again.

Report issues using our no-friction system at any time and watch us work quickly to resolve your issues. We’re ready with remote support around the clock. Your business IT never takes a day off, so neither do we.


What our customers say

“We’re delighted, to put it bluntly! Everyone’s energised & engaged with IT in a way that we haven’t seen for some time. The virtual data centre and managed connectivity have worked so well at our London office that we are preparing to roll them out globally. Downtime, network & bandwidth availability are no longer issues, we have a really effective data management & storage policy for the first time, which is saving us lots of money as well as lots of headaches.” – Chris Lee – Finance Director, Jellyfish

“It’s a completely different ballgame, to be honest. It’s transformed my role so much in that I have so many more hours each week to focus on the strategic side of the business because I’m no longer firefighting all day.” – Cy Williams – Managing Director, Catreus

“It’s had such a positive impact on the business in terms of stability, productivity, flexibility, cost, morale…the list goes on. The network and Wi-Fi have had zero drop-outs or performance issues, everyone loves the responsive support and having a proper DR solution in place…I wish we’d done it years ago” – John Macdonald-Brown – Managing Director, Syzygy

“The results are basically the total reverse of the issues. Every negative we had is now a positive…. everything runs better, faster & more reliably” – Jonathan Villar – Owner, MBER

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Intalex is the business technology partner you always wished you had. We put business outcomes first, building IT systems to support your goals. We do it all in simple language, with a focus on customer service.


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