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Cloud computing is like synchronised swimming – smooth and beautiful on the surface, but chaotic below the surface. You handle the smooth and beautiful part. We’ll take care of the rest.

Cloud computing

Cloud Infrastructure Expertise

The cloud offers you all the equipment you need while only charging you for what you use. It’s a win-win proposition that has transformed computing in the past decade. We’ll help you navigate the nuances, working out cloud infrastructure contracts that lower your costs while maximising performance.

Managed Connectivity

With all your data and applications in the cloud, you want a safe, high-performance connection for the best user experience. Our Cloud Connect Exchange-based gateway gives you secure, encrypted connectivity to a variety of cloud service providers via a separate link that bypasses the public internet. Think of it as your own personal information super highway.

Virtual Data Centre

The cloud hides the complexities of IT infrastructure from you so that you can concentrate on building your business, but someone still has to manage it. We are your virtual data centre, monitoring and optimising your cloud-based IT behind the scenes and keeping technology headaches at bay.


World-Class Equipment on a Small Business Budget

What small- to medium-sized business can justify investing in the latest IT equipment? Thanks to cloud infrastructure, yours can. Our cloud-based subscription model replaces costly capital investment with a smaller monthly fee that gives you enterprise-grade computing capabilities. Who said you couldn’t compute like the big boys?

Cloud app security

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Intalex is the business technology partner you always wished you had. We put business outcomes first, building IT systems to support your goals. We do it all in simple language, with a focus on customer service.


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