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Don’t tackle the complexities of business IT alone. Intalex offers secure, reliable technology solutions that will take your business productivity to the next level.

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End-to-End Technology Solutions

Modern business moves faster than ever, and technology is a crucial tool to stay competitive. We offer a comprehensive range of business technology solutions backed by years of technical expertise, all powered by the cloud.

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Protect Your Information

Don’t leave the security of your data to chance. Our technology solutions protect your business data from phishing, ransomware and other threats while giving you total control over who accesses your sensitive information.

Work Securely on Any Device

It’s critical to secure applications and data that employees access with their mobile and desktop devices, yet some of those endpoints aren’t even on your network. Let us take care of it with security and management solutions that protect devices wherever they are.

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Privacy and security regulations are stricter than ever and the penalty for mishaps can be severe. Security certification shows both regulators and customers that your business can handle data competently. We’ll build secure systems and processes that will earn you the accreditations you need.

Build Resilience Into Your Business

Backup and disaster recovery is critical for every business, yet many overlook it because of other priorities. We’re your trusted business continuity partner, using the power of the cloud to build robust business resilience solutions that won’t let you down.

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Collaborate in Real Time

We’ll help you build cloud-based collaboration solutions that let people work together in powerful new ways. Combine real-time group document editing with virtual whiteboards and video conferencing to unlock the power of your teams.

Work Safely From Anywhere

We will streamline and secure employee access to your business applications and data while creating simple solutions that lock attackers out. When we’re done, employees will be able to access resources with the same level of security and productivity they’d have in the office.

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