Ransomware Protection

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Stop ransomware thieves in their tracks with comprehensive protection against malicious attachments, links, and fraudulent emails.

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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is the scourge of the internet. It started as software that locked up your data until you paid a fee. Now, criminals also steal your information and threaten to publish it online unless you pay up. We’re here to protect you by configuring services that stop ransomware in its tracks.

Safe Attachments

Ransomware crooks often deliver their toxic software via malicious email attachments. Our cloud-based systems analyse all incoming files, opening them in a safe environment to check them for suspicious activity in the cloud before sending them on to your employees. We’ll help you set the right policies to provide maximum protection.

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Safe Links

Crooks don’t always deliver their malware by sending files directly in an email. Sometimes they’ll send a malicious link instead. All it takes is one employee to click on a suspicious link and your network could fall victim to an attack. The Safe Links feature checks all incoming web links arriving via email and Office 365 apps. It provides full-spectrum protection for your employees.


Attackers will try anything to get their ransomware onto your PCs, including phishing. Our services watch for spoof emails, checking everything from the sender’s behaviour and reputation through to the content of the mail. We will help you create watertight anti-phishing policies to weed out fraudulent messages. We can even help you to simulate phishing attacks, testing your employees’ vigilance against social engineering.

64% of SMBs

allow employees to access work data on personal devices

250% increase

in phishing email detection from January – December 2018 worldwide

55% of SMBs

are concerned about employees leaving the company with data on their personal devices

94% rise

in the average cost of downtime associated with ransomware in 2020

58% of employee devices

on average are configured with proper security protocols

80% of SMBs

list ransomware as a top concern

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