Endpoint Detection and Response

Content Filtering | Disk Encryption | Threat Management | Device Compliance

Protect every Windows 10 device in your company from attack with security measures that stretch from your computer to the cloud.

Powerful Endpoint Protection

With Microsoft’s Endpoint Detection and Response technology, each Windows 10 device in your company is part of a protected network. Administrators can implement and manage a range of protective measures that shield your devices and applications from attack.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Cyber threats are always evolving. Your business IT should do the same. Microsoft’s endpoint detection and response technology keeps a complete inventory of protected devices and what they’re running. It tracks and fixes vulnerabilities backed by the full power of Microsoft’s threat intelligence in the cloud.

Web Filtering

There is some content on the internet that work machines shouldn’t access. Our services include web filtering technologies that let you set policies to block this content on work PCs no matter where they’re being used.


Microsoft’s firewall technology protects Windows devices from unwanted network connections, blocking network security threats. It can apply appropriate protections for any kind of network from the office to the coffee shop.

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Attack Surface Reduction

We will help you create rules that stop risky software behaviour by constraining what applications can do on your systems. This limits attackers’ ability to target your network.

Disk Encryption

We offer encryption options that can shield all of the data on a Windows 10 device from prying eyes. If your laptop, desktop, or tablet is stolen, you can be sure that your information is still safe.

Device Compliance

We will help you create rules to ensure that each device in your company complies with our security policy. We can even block them from accessing some resources if they don’t pass those tests.

What our customers say

“We’re delighted, to put it bluntly! Everyone’s energised & engaged with IT in a way that we haven’t seen for some time. The virtual data centre and managed connectivity have worked so well at our London office that we are preparing to roll them out globally. Downtime, network & bandwidth availability are no longer issues, we have a really effective data management & storage policy for the first time, which is saving us lots of money as well as lots of headaches.” – Chris Lee – Finance Director, Jellyfish

“It’s a completely different ballgame, to be honest. It’s transformed my role so much in that I have so many more hours each week to focus on the strategic side of the business because I’m no longer firefighting all day.” – Cy Williams – Managing Director, Catreus

“It’s had such a positive impact on the business in terms of stability, productivity, flexibility, cost, morale…the list goes on. The network and Wi-Fi have had zero drop-outs or performance issues, everyone loves the responsive support and having a proper DR solution in place…I wish we’d done it years ago” – John Macdonald-Brown – Managing Director, Syzygy

“The results are basically the total reverse of the issues. Every negative we had is now a positive…. everything runs better, faster & more reliably” – Jonathan Villar – Owner, MBER

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