Understanding G Suite: The How’s & Why’s.

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Setting yourself and your team up with the right tools can be a time consuming and draining process. Thankfully G Suite simplifies this process a lot, by providing an entire suite of collaborative tools directly through your web browser.

G Suite is a brilliant tool designed to make the lives of your team easier, facilitating the process of sharing information with colleagues, clients and business partners. Best of all, you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that your business’s data is secure, and your employees are safe through Google’s advanced security features.

You can manage devices remotely and configure security settings to keep your data safe. G Suite not only keeps your data super secure; it also makes your every-day administration tasks like adding users, setting up employees or shared folders straightforward.

Central administration will make your life easier, enabling these critical features:

Security & control

Manage users and protect your data by setting up security options like 2-step verifications (2FA) and unique security keys.

The security centre will also provide you with analytics and the best practice recommendations for your business.

Endpoint management

You can manage security settings, monitor usage & access, and set up apps on mobile devices on any endpoint.  

Advanced Collaboration

G Suite features real-time communication tools such as Google Meet for robust video conferencing and Google Drive for file sharing and simultaneous editing of documents by multiple members of your team.

Advanced Cyber Security

G Suite keeps your business protected through these three actions:

1) Protection against phishing using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to protect your users.

2) Auto-blocking access of untrusted apps, so you don’t have to think about it.

3) Secure storage of your company data through industry-leading encryption.

Knowing that your data is safe at all times, and that your employees can work securely from wherever they are, will increase productivity and agility within your workplace.

Your staff members will feel confident in accessing data from remote locations, benefiting your clients through your ability to become more dynamic. At the same time, Google provides security for your data across multiple devices on a variety of different platforms.

When you invest your IT budget in G Suite, you save not only your time, but also money on multiple solutions from different providers if a best of breed approach is taken.

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